2017 Selection Committee

Taymoor Arshi, Energy Consultant, AMICO Ind. Group

Bill Baumel, Director, Ohio Innovation Fund

Tom Brady, Chairman & Founder, Plastic Technologies

Enriquec Brito, Partner Tatum, LLC

Carol Cherkis, Life Sciences Consultant, New Cap Partners

Andrew Cothrel, President, Blue Marble Medical

Deb Cummings, Principal and Senior Director, TEConomy Partners, LLC

Russ Donda, EIR Glide, Medtech & Biosensors/Life Sciences

Wayne Embree, Executive Vice President, Rev1 Ventures

Marcia Graef, TechTransfer Specialist, AFRL TechLink

Steve Fening, Director, Case-Coulter Translational Research Partnership

Jerry Frantz,Leader NE OH ESP, Jumpstart

Francesca Hartop, CEO, YEI Corp

Bruce Halyprn, COO N8 Medical

Paul Jackson, Committee Chair, Senior Manager, Entrepreneurship & Venture Investments, Ohio Development Services

Mihaela Jekic, Biomedical Consultant

Jahan Jewayni, CFP Financial Consultant

Patrick Longo, Director, HCDC Business Center

Kenneth Morand, EIR, CincyTech

Bill Nemeth, Director, Entrepreneurial Mentoring, JumpStart, NSF Certified I-Corps Instructor

Rob Perry, General Partner, Perry Ltd. Partnership

John Pletz, Senior Financial Analyst, Rocket Ventures

Wayne Poll, Founder/CEO, Minimally Invasive Devices

Shalini Prasad, Professor, UT Dallas, BioENG/Biomedical

Suguna Rachakonda, Senior Director, Product Development, The Cleveland Clinic

Dan Rose, Investor, North Coast Angel Fund

Jim Sonnett, Managing Partner, Redwood Investments

Jeff Spitzner, President, Signet Innovations

Susan Stanton, Principal, SBCi Ltd.

Dr. T.S. Sudarshan, CEO, Materials Modification

Mike Triplett, Principal, Carmen Partners

Raymond Venarre, Founder/Principal, Biotech Entrepreneur

J.W. (Jim) Wheeler, Founder, PQR Energy, LLC