Cohort Teams

2017 I-Corps@Ohio Ohio Collegiate Showcase Teams

Acouflow Therapeutic

picture of Team 1 Acouflow

Vortex-PAP is a new Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device that is intended to treat patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). This innovative device circumvents the need for a tight-fitting mask or tight seal at the nares and will be better tolerated and, importantly, is expected to substantively improve patient compliance.

Business Thesis: OSA patients will experience more comfortable therapy and increase compliance by 30% with our vortex airfl ow technology  that maintains a positive airway pressure without the need of a tight seal.

Pictured First row L to R:
Co-EL: Alberto De lcaza, Masters of Design Student, University of Cincinnati
PI: Liran Oren, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Otolaryngology, University of Cincinnati
Co-EL: Steven Doehler, Industrial Designer
Pictured Second row L to R:
EL: Mehmet Tomac, Senior research associate, University of Cincinnati
Mentor: Roy Kulick, EIR, UC Technology Commercialization Accelerator
Co-EL: Taylor Gittings, Industrial Designer



Photo of Team 7 Would AI for ICOPRS 2017

Our technology is a low cost, portable, marker- and touch-free solution that combines stereo infrared imaging, 3D digital human body, and a portfolio of imaging processing technologies to enable antomatic and instantaneous wound identification and analysis.

Business Thesis: Our wound measurement and analysis system helps wound care providers who want to improve patient wound healing outcomes and productivity by improving the accuracy and reproducibility of wound measurement from 60% to 95% and reducing the time for measurement and documentation from 15+ minutes per wound to under 1 minute, resulting in better patient satisfaction, lower risk of infections and reduced usage of antibiotics and addictive painkillers

Pictured L to R:
Mentor, Co-CEO: Jeff Spitzner, President & CSO, Amperand Consulting
EL: Mitesh Vasoya, PhD Student, Wright State University
Mentor: Chris Wallace, CEO, Cambium Technologies LLC
Mentor, Co-CEO: Karen Posey, Principal, P3 Management Solutions
PI: Yong Pei, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Wright State University


Paint From Pollution

Photo of Paint From Pollution members for ICORPS 2017

The AMD (Acid Mine Drainage) treatment technology will serve to reclaim acid mine drainage by way of an oxidation, settling, and neutralizing process.

Business Thesis: We provide a wastewater treatment technology that can create paint pigment from Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) for government agencies and mining companies to reduce or eliminate the cost of sludge processing.

Pictured L to R:
Co-EL: Zeb Martin, Graduate Student, Ohio University
EL: John Timmons, Graduate Assistant/Researcher, Ohio University
PI: Guy Riefler, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Ohio University (not pictured)
Mentor: David McCarley, Executive Director, Muskingum County Business Incubator (not pictured)


Carbon Hybrid Materials

Photo of Team 15 for ICORPS 2017

A multi-functional material that has unique mechanical properties and high conductivity for aerospace, defense, and medical applications.

Business Thesis: A lightweight flame retardant, nanofabric that protects first responders by absorbing toxic chemicals, shielding against heat & flame, and managing metabolic heat.

Pictured L to R:
Co-EL: Guangfeng Hou, Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Cincinnati
PI: Mark Schulz, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Cincinnati
EL: Vianessa Ng, PhD Student, University of Cincinnati
Mentor: Gregory Bell, Consultant, KCB Capital (not pictured)