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Third Frontier Research Incentive

Request for Proposals

Program Overview

Section 381.250 (Research Incentive Third Frontier) of Amended House Bill Number 166
of the 133rd Ohio General Assembly authorizes the Chancellor of Higher Education to use
appropriated funds under this section to advance collaborative research at institutions of
higher education and support programs and initiatives specifically identified in this section.
Research areas, programs and initiatives eligible for funding pursuant to this
Request for Proposal (RFP) include:

  1. Research Areas
    1. Research regarding the reduction of infant mortality
    2. Research regarding opiate addiction issues in Ohio
    3. Research and programming regarding the advancement of cybersecurity initiatives in Ohio
  2. Programs and Initiatives
    1. Ohio Manufacturing and Innovation Center
    2. I-Corps@Ohio Program
    3. Ohio Innovation Exchange

Who Can Apply

  • State universities as defined in section 3345.011 of the Revised Code
  • A community college established under Chapter 3354 of the Revised Code
  • A state community college established under Chapter 3358 of the Revised Code
  • A non-profit private institution of higher education
  • Non-profit organizations whose primary missions is to engage in research working in collaboration with eligible institutions of higher educations.
  • Economic Development organizations working in collaborations with eligible institutions of higher education.
  • Ohio industry and business organizations working in a public private partnership with an Ohio institution of higher education.
  • Ohio based organizations whose primary mission is to engage in research working in collaboration with an Ohio institution of higher education
  • State agencies working in collaborations with Ohio institutions of higher education
  • Administrators of the Ohio Manufacturing and Innovation Center
  • Administrators of the I-CORPS@Ohio program
  • Administrators and collaborators in the Ohio Innovation Exchange project
  • Entities and organizations engaged in advancing cybersecurity initiatives, cyber security product development and cyber education in the state of Ohio

Registration, Timeline, and Proposal Submission

Proposal Submission
Teams submit using an online process through the registration and application portal. The proposals are reviewed and scored online by the selection committee who will make recommendations to the Chancellor. The Chancellor will make the final decision on which proposals, if any, are ultimately funded.

Important Dates
Applicants are responsible for timely submissions of proposals. The schedule below may be revised by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) due to circumstances and any changes will be communicated to the applicants via e-mail and posted on the ODHE web page,

Request for Proposals Released                          September 18, 2019
Proposals Submission Window                            September 18 – October 17, 2019
Proposal Review begins                                        October 19, 2019
Notification of Awarded Proposals                       Beginning November 18, 2019