A Progressive Method of Training the Scientific Community in the Commercialization Process

The NSF based I-Corps@Ohio program provides hands-on training to Ohio faculty and students in the Lean Launchpad methodology.

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  • Impactful Learning

    Learn how to move your technology from lab to market.

  • Insights

    Changing the methods professors use to teach science and engineering students.

  • Results

    95% of teams believed they found a scalable business model.

Develop market-driven value propositions

In the I-Corps@Ohio grant funded program, learn how to find a repeatable and scalable business model for your technology.

Am I Eligible?

Teams from universities, colleges, and community colleges, accredited in the State of Ohio are eligible to submit.


How Do I Apply

Visit our application portal to complete the profile and executive summary questionnaire to begin.


Proven to increase innovation, entrepreneurship, and industry collaboration.

I-Corps@Ohio is a statewide grant-funded program to assist faculty and graduate students from Ohio universities and colleges to validate the market potential of their technologies and launch startup companies.

Through our grant-funded program, Ohio faculty and graduate student teams will:

  • Learn key business modeling concepts and their relevance to start-up efforts.

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  • Assess their core assumptions by testing hypotheses.

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  • Conduct numerous interviews with customers about market needs.

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  • Learn from executive mentors and certified instructors with relevant industry, scientific and startup experience.

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What People Are Saying

  • “I cannot say enough good things about the I-Corps@Ohio program. I was impressed with the breadth and depth of the curriculum.   Even coming from an industry background, I can truly say I learned a lot of new ideas and concepts that are driving business decisions in today’s marketplace”.

    Christopher Taylor, PhD

    Associate Professor,  Principal Investigator Pseudo-Nim, OARDC Plant Pathology, The Ohio State University

    “If you want to save two years, the I-Corps@Ohio program will save you that much time. In the seven-week program, you will find out if anyone really wants your technology.”

    Stuart Schaefer

    Mentor, I-Corps@Ohio

  • “As a direct outcome of serving as executive mentor for the AEIOU team in the I-Corps@Ohio program, I determined that I would launch the company AEIOU Scientific as its CEO. I strongly recommend that any business leader considering licensing university technology in Ohio should serve as an executive mentor in I-Corps@Ohio.  It is the best way to complete a crash course due diligence process on the technology, the team, and the market”.

    Jeff Spitzner, PhD

    President and CEO, AEIOU Scientific